Wonder Health Benefits And Medicinal Uses Of Cilantro


Cilantro leaves are a commonly used ingredient in all dishes, especially for garnishing. Its essence gives the food a fresh and minty taste.  Cilantro seeds are also used in making spicy curries and other dishes.  Some also love  Cilantro chutney. It is a good combination of idly, dosa and chapattis. This article is an extra treat to  Cilantro lovers.

Here are the effects of  Cilantro on human body:

  • It is an anti diabetic food by nature
  • It reduces the cholesterol levels in our body
  • Balances the blood pressure
  • Makes digestion easy
  • It has anti-inflammatory qualities that works well on the swellings
  • Protects our body from infections
  • It fights against cancer
  • It is a natural immunity booster
  • Prevents osteoporosis and blood clot
  • It also works against eye disorders

Recipe Of Spicy Green Chutney:

Ingredients Required:

  • Fresh Cilantro leaves – 100 grams
  • Garlic – 5 cloves
  • Ginger – ½ inch
  • Green chilly – 2-3
  • Lemon juice – 2 teaspoons
  • Salt – as required
  • Water – 3-4 teaspoons


  • Wash the fresh Cilantro leaves in running water.
  • Remove the leaves and delicate stems of Cilantro leaves and put them in a mixer.
  • Throw all the stem and decayed and yellowish leaves. Add all the remaining ingredients except lemon.
  • Grind them well into a fine paste. You can also add some more water to attain a consistency you desire.
  • Transfer the paste into a serving bowl and add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice into it and mix well.

You can have this chutney with idly, dosa and chapatti. You can also have it with rice. It can also be used in sandwiches.


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