Simple Tips To Make Your Eyes Stop Hurting

eye pain

Eye pain is caused by many factors. Those can also be a symptom of other diseases such as:

  • Headache
  • Sinus
  • Toothache

Other than that, eye pain falls into two categories:

  1. Ocular pain is the pain caused by sensitive outer surface of the eyes
  2. Orbital pain is caused by the diseases in eyes.

Lifestyle Modifications:

  • One needs to make some lifestyle modifications to reduce the chances of eye pain.
  • A healthy breakfast and a good sleep will be a good rest to eye pain.
  • People working in IT sectors can try to shift to day shift. Taking rest in night will reduce their eye pain.
  • Have light foods. Avoid deep fried, sour, spicy, salty foods such as pickles, chilies and citrus foods. Foods that are cool, sweet, bitter, calming and astringent like Cucumber, steamed green vegetables, rice, beans, coconut can be taken.
  • Body heat may also be a reason for eye pain. So drink a lot of water. Basil seeds helps reduces the body heat. Soak some Basil seeds in water for some time and then have it with cold milk or fresh juice. Basil seeds mixed in rose water are one of the best drinks to have in summer as it cools down the body heat immediately.
  • Doing yoga daily is the best practice. Do asana like moon salutation, bridge, and triangle and tree asana.
  • Doing pranayama asana or breathing exercise will make your body relaxed and cool.
  • Meditation can also help in maintaining a balanced state. You can attain a great self-control in your mind.
  • You can also make tea made up of coriander, fennel, cumin seeds and rise. This will improve digestion and cools down the body.
  • To relax your mind, you can go for swimming, gardening, taking a long walk.
  • Wearing a bright pastel coloured clothes that are made of soft fabrics such as linen, silk and cotton will calm and pacify the eyes. Avoid wearing dark colours such as red and yellow as this will irritate the eyes.

Follow all these instructions to get rid of your eye pain

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