Best Health Benefits Of Eating Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves For Hair Growth

From Mogalais kitchen to today’s modern kitchen curry leaves are used in all possible ways. It gives a nice aromatic essence to the dish.  It is also used to garnish the foods. Apart from all these basis properties, there are many special things about curry leaves. They prove themselves as medicine for almost all common diseases. That is the reason why our ancestors practised to add it all possible ways. When we consume it, automatically protects us from forth coming diseases and also cures any disease present in our body. So there was no need for them to eat separate medicine. But today we all throw the curry leaves without knowing its value. That is why we face a lot of health issues. Read the following article to know its magical properties and I’m sure you will not waste the curry leaves hereafter:

Health Benefits Of Curry Leaves

Diabetes Control:

The main cause of diabetes is due to high glucose level in blood. Due to anti-hyperglycemic activity of curry leaves controls the blood sugar levels. Curry leaves is rich in fiber. So its consumption helps the body to maintain the blood sugar levels.

Catalyst To Weight Loss:

Weight gain can be due to improper functioning of digestive system. Curry leaves helps regulate the digestive system. It helps the correct means of fat absorption. So, it proves a great medicine for people who are overweight due to reasons like diabetes, hypothyroidism etc.

Liver Guard:

Being alcoholic, overweight or eating oily foods can affect your liver. Consuming curry leaves strengthens your liver and protects it from oxidative stress. This also removes harmful toxins from the liver. It strengthens the liver and induces its proper functioning.

Restores Eyesight:

Deficiency of vitamin A reduces the quality of eyesight. Most of us suffer from improper eyesight. So, a good medicine to this is curry leaves. There are tons of vitamin A in it. It contains a special element called carotenoids which protect the cornea and improves your eyesight. If you ignore your poor eyesight, it may lead to cloud formation in your eyes and even night blindness. So add curry leaves daily to your food.

Iron Man Of The Body:

Anaemia is nowadays more common as many people face it. People think that it is just lack of iron in the body. Absolutely no! It is due to the body’s inability to absorb iron. It is only folic acid which helps our body in iron absorption. Curry leaves are rich in folic acid. If you are anaemic, eat one date with two curry leaves on an empty stomach every morning. You will soon be well.

Reduces Acne And Scar:

Curry leaves have the properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and moisturising property. Turmeric controls oil secretion and fades scars caused by them. Combining these two products, we can create a good face pack. To do this:

  • Blend few curry leaves and a pinch of turmeric powder with some water.
  • Apply this paste on the scars and acne and let it dry.
  • Wash it off with cold water.

Applying this pack regularly cleanses all the dirt and controls oil secretion.

Increases Hair Growth:

Commonly faced hair problems are grey hair, hair fall, dandruff, and poor hair quality. All these diseases can be cured by curry leaves. You can either use t internally as well as externally on your scalps. The extract can be prepared by following ways:

Extract the juice from curry leaves

Add the extract into coconut oil.

Heat this mixture until it turns black. Apply this mixture daily on your scalp.

After reading this article I believe that you will not throw the curry leaves and make use of it.

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