The Health Benefits Of Water In Ayurveda

health benefits of drinking water

Human existence is impossible without water. A man can live without food but not without water. We all drink water daily but, do we follow a pattern? Yes, Ayurveda advice’s us a rigid pattern to be followed to maintain a healthy body. Normally a person loses 3 to 4 litres of water through sweat, urine and bowel movements. Loss of body fluids causes low blood volume and low blood pressure.

Loss of body fluids causes dehydration and makes our body porn to many diseases. It causes poor circulation, poor digestion, and fatigue. There are two types of dehydration, extracellular and intracellular.

  • Extracellular dehydration:

Extracellular dehydration is loss of body fluids to certain level. This type of dehydration happens outside and independently from the cells and is usually due to lack of fluid intake.

  • Intracellular dehydration:

Intracellular dehydration is caused by high levels of sodium in blood, migrates water out of the cells due to osmotic pressure. Loss of electrolytes too causes this malfunctioning.


  • Dryness in mouth and eyes
  • Lack of sweating
  • Constipation and scanty urination, especially in dark yellow colour
  • Heartburn

Urine As An Indicator Of Body Fluids:

  • Dark yellow urine –
  • Clear urine – excess water content and kidney flushing.
  • Light yellow urine – balanced water and electrolyte content

Water For Good Digestion:

Certain quantity of water is required for the body to digest the food we consume it helps in the production of enzymes. Drinking warm water 20-30 minutes before eating can improve digestion by up to 24%. Drinking a glass of warm water, as soon as you get up, keeps your body fresh and refreshes the digestive organs.

Having sips of water during meal helps to convert food into a consistent sauce rather than drinking water after a meal.

Correct Quantity Of Water:

It varies from person to person. People with high sugar content, fat and salt must have 4-6 glasses a day.

Opposite of the former that is people with thin and deficient blood must drink 8-10 glasses of water as they tend to have leaky kidney. As a remedy to thicken the blood they need to consume more food containing carbs, fats and proteins.
Pitta imbalanced people tend to lose body fluid through urine and sweat.

Excess Consumption Of Water:

As stated early clear urine is a sign of over hydration .it causes bloated stomach and overloads digestive systems. To balance electrolytes one may follow some homemade ideas like having banana smoothies and adding lemon to food.

Substitutes To Water:

Water takes effort to digest as it is unprocessed. So drinking water someway processed digests soon as it balances with blood’s salinity, and PH. So it’s better to consume soups, broths, herbal teas, fruit juices and teas.

Warm Water:

Warm water is nature’s most powerful home remedy for good digestion and blood circulation. It also improves complexion and cleanses Lymphatic system through sweating. Its great magic is that it can stop any unstoppable hiccups.

Ice Water:

Drinking ice water makes the blood vessels tight and small stopping the blood supply to the digestive system. So this affects the process of digestion.

Lack Of Thirst:

Are you a person who lack thirst? Then you have weak digestion and excess stress. Also the sensation of thirst reduces once you cross fifty years. This may certainly lead to dehydration. So, you must pay keen attention to your body and drink adequate water.

Following these techniques one can achieve good balance in body and prevent dehydration.

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